“I am not an outcast. However, I do not feel like being accepted. I still exist. I am a litmus test of the existing problem”.


Sounds like an impassioned speech of a social drama character, doesn’t it? It would be so, if it is was not said not by a real man - a gay, born in Chechnya, who has had to flee from Moscow to New York in order to stay alive. 


Leo comes  from the region where, in the twenty-first century, people are tortured and killed among others for belonging to LGBT-community. Even in Moscow he was subjected to numerous attacks although 45% of Russians say that they have never heard about  acts of violence against LGBT.


Nearly half of Russian citizens, to be exact  47%,  think that members of the LGBT community in Russia should enjoy the same rights as all other citizens. However, only 3% have reported that they view members of the LGBT community as good citizens. It is hardly surprising, given the fact that even the LGBT-community in Russia is homophobic; the fact is proved not only by statistics but also by our heros. For instance, Leo, who “got through all the stages of the inner homophobia”, or another character, Timur aka Tamara Le Blonde, can not stand gays, who propagandize maleness due to rejection of their own femininity.


Additionally, Timur does not feel like an outsider because of being gay in the USA. As his experience has shown,  society in the USA is more tolerant than that in Russia. Nonetheless, he feels “like an emigrant”. The most challenging aspect for him was to transform himself and realize that it is possible to look as he wants although, during his life in Ufa and Moscow, he had to follow the dress-code that did not promote LGBT.


We all are aware about the consequences of LGBT-propoganda in Russia. Therefore, a question arises:how is it possible that in the very same year of 2013 , when Australian scientists grew artificial tissues of the human brain, the Russian government passed a law that provides for the punishment of those who promote non traditional sexual lifestyles to minors. This is quite shocking, to say the least.


This film is about several members of the LGBT community, who have emigrated from their native countries. They have told  stories about their lives before and after immigration. This film is not about homosexuality or human decency, but  about human interactions. The film portrays equality in treatment of all people.


The main characters of the project suppose that this film is not about an injury. They state, “It is a film about people who went through a trauma, but who were not broken by it”.

The goal of our production is to tell the audience about the difficulties LGBT-people face in Russia and the former USSR nations. We would like to portray the importance of human acceptance of individuals who do not fit the postulates of the dominant majority and the laws of their native country. 


The production has started, but in order for us to finish the film we need your support. Our team includes a director, scene manager, set assistants, operators, sound manager, montage editor, and other members that have worked hard to make this reality. 


  • 1. Production of scenery, questions, and plot for each character profile.

  • 2. Production of five interviews, in more than thirty locations.

  • 3. Montage and editing of the film.


In order for this production  to continue, we are looking for sponsors to finish this project. At the present, we do not have such resources. We believe sincerely, that we will be able to achieve this goal and collect the resources that are needed to finish our project. 


All the means received will be used to support the team, and equipment that is needed to finish the film. 


1.Made a donation

You can donate any amount that will make this film a reality. 

2.  Become our Informational Partner

You can tell others about our project using any means of social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, if you are a blogger: Write a short or a long read about us. If you are a member of mass media: Select your own method of informing the public. Members of the LGBT community and activist groups, we need you to show this film to the Russian audience. Therefore, for this partnership we are not only asking American media to partner with us, but also members of the Russian media and other former countries of the USSR. 


3. How to become our investor and producer of this project

A contribution of $10,000.00 to make this project a reality. Your investment will be accepted as full involvement in the project. The donor will be mentioned in the credits  and will be invited to contribute all aspects of the project. In addition, upon the sale of the film a percentage of royalty will be negotiated. 


You can transfer any amount to support this film. No donation is too small, select the method you would like to use to donate. 


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